By now you’ll have read the opening to Keith’s tale. So many unanswered questions. Where has he been working all this time? What happened to the school? Who was the old lady? You think you’re confused – imagine how Keith was feeling! Keith was ok. And he’s got you in the same way that he pranked the hundreds of teachers who fell for his original post. Please don’t be upset with me – he had me for a while. Yes, practical joker – Keith – managed to freak out an entire community of teachers with his chilling post; a classic example of how we are drawn to plot over grammatical style. You’re reading this post because of awe and wonder. Like a tractor-beam, it sucked you right in. At no point did you – or should you – have analysed the text for anything else other than pure mystery, suspense and intrigue – the desire to discover the truth. I miss that.

Keith only posted this as a prank; a prank he absolutely nailed. So here it is. Keith…take a bow.