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‘Teachers have normalised getting shafted!’

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Apologies for my use of slang – blame frustration and/or the several glasses of wine I’ve drunk. And – before we get going – this isn’t a post that targets teachers that do; or those that don’t. As an ex-teacher… Continue Reading →

Not Everyone Leaving Teaching Is Cartwheeling Out Of The Job

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And so it ends. I’d planned on leaving teaching in a cowboy outfit; riding a horse that I was – one day – going to blag off Summer’s Mum. I’d trot through a guard-of-honour; I’d high-five the kids; tip my… Continue Reading →

‘The Alphabet-Cam’…

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We’re BACK! The Alphabet-Cam is the latest innovative spelling resource from the team behind ‘The Spelling-Cam'; a resource that allows you to learn – and master – the alphabet through photography, exploration and play. Our built-in ‘ABC-Cam’ adds a letter… Continue Reading →

Keith And The Vanishing School…

By now you’ll have read the opening to Keith’s tale. So many unanswered questions. Where has he been working all this time? What happened to the school? Who was the old lady? You think you’re confused – imagine how Keith… Continue Reading →

Language of Writing As Alien To Our Kids As It Is To Actual Aliens!

We’re told to never start with an apology – I’m sorry. What can I say? I like to push boundaries and after all, weren’t rules – so many of them anyway – meant to be broken? I’m sorry to anyone… Continue Reading →

Parents’ Evening Horror Stories

Let’s cut to the chase. Why is a 3-year-old kid in a reading den with a four-pack of Stella at her sister’s Parents’ Evening? Moments like that stay with you forever; stay with my mate forever. It’s his story. Honest…. Continue Reading →

The Spelling-Cam…

Bring The Classroom Into Your Camera…

Jon Snow Gets Owned By His Teacher…

‘The Spelling-Cam’…

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Teach to the Hilt – with my inspirational wife – is proud to present our very own App, available to download for iOS devices in the AppStore. From our little boy’s homework, to blog-post, and then the AppStore; it’s a… Continue Reading →

How To Become a Planning Jedi Master…

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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house; not a creature was stirring…except the poor woman asking for Y3 Stone Age planning on my Facebook feed. On Christmas Eve! A cringe-worthy but sad reflection of how far people… Continue Reading →

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