Teach To The Hilt


July 2015

It’s All About The Take…

  I’ve seen the impact a YouTube music video can have on a group of kids – particularly a group lacking in confidence. Here, my incredible maths group share their ‘take’ on Meghan Trainor’s smash hit single ‘It’s all about… Continue Reading →

The Great Summer Holidays Debate…

  ‘There’s a storm coming, Harry…and we all best be ready when she does.’ (Hagrid, Order of the Pheonix). A storm-in-a-teacup really; one that gets whipped up this time each year, as teachers in the UK join their International colleagues… Continue Reading →

Cool On Summer Homework!

  We’re all passionate about the progress of our pupils and assessment for learning. But I won’t be joining the growing number of teachers sending work home to plug-the-gaps this Summer. Not that I’m knocking it – each to their… Continue Reading →

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