The next time you’re queuing at the photocopier, ask those in line if they’ve ever sworn at it. They’ll either look at you and leave (giving your more time to negotiate the 2:1/1:2 paradox) or they’ll lie! In his ebook – The Anger Solution – John Lee suggests that exhaustion and tiredness can lead to regretful actions such as raging at slow ladies and swearing at photocopiers that run out of paper (page 57).

Based on the fact that most teachers are always exhausted, does this mean that my irrational response to a horrendous copier experience is – in fact – totally rational? Take out the obvious terrible events that life can – and does – so cruelly throw at us. I’m pretty sure that running out of paper (especially A3 which is massive and bendy!), getting your job ‘interrupted’ or the engineering PhD required to fix the paper-jam are – during that split second – the worst things that can happen to a person. Add the fact that your class are lined up in an empty playground and fronted by your Head-Teacher who only this morning ordered a ‘push’ on punctuality… and you might as well cancel the day.

Traumatised by a nightmare at the photocopier? Be sure to contact us. We’re sure it can’t be as bad the the tragic twist-of-fate suffered by Mrs McCaper!?


Mrs McCaper the Copier Hater

My mate knew a teacher called Mrs McCaper;

Who would lose it when copiers ran out of paper.

Not a worse curse in life – I’m sure you’d agree;

That torturous message ‘Replenish Tray 3!’

Poor McCaper grew more and more fuming each day;

‘Til the time my mate Chris took the scissors away;

You know – the pair used to cut off plastic bands;

From around all the boxes where new paper stands.

She knew that he’d took ’em but didn’t have proof;

She exploded and violently shot through the roof!

She was fired (the repair was incredibly dear)

And became a copier engineer!

So the next time you’re facing your paper-less doom;

Don’t you dare take those scissors from out of that room!