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Cool On Summer Homework!

  We’re all passionate about the progress of our pupils and assessment for learning. But I won’t be joining the growing number of teachers sending work home to plug-the-gaps this Summer. Not that I’m knocking it – each to their… Continue Reading →

Thank you, Ofsted…(No Seriously!)

  Around this time last year, this post may have been considered controversial – I may have bottled posting it altogether! This year though, I’ve been empowered by Ofsted (no…that’s not a typo; nor have I been drinking). That’s right;… Continue Reading →

‘Floor’ Foul Toilets with a Ping-Pong Ball!

  The classroom toilet – that one place in school that seems to haunt me. I compare it to ‘The Wall’ in ‘Game of Thrones'; you simply don’t venture beyond the door. I often wonder if – indeed – a… Continue Reading →

Them bones; Them bones – Twig Animal Skeletons

There are only so many ways you can match animal skeletons to their outer bodies. I often find that over-planning/over-thinking can be your worst nightmare with teaching sequences like this. You can spend hours creating elaborate resources that never get… Continue Reading →

Problem Solving Perfection – The Water Prank!

I sometimes feel like my Maths group get a rough deal; like we’re running on this treadmill of learning outcomes. 43 objectives to master…in 36 weeks. My group find Maths so tricky; they lack confidence and struggle to make links… Continue Reading →

Mr ‘O Brien – Whose Reports All Said Ryan!

  We’ve all been there. The all-nighters; the marathon stints; the ‘I should’ve really done more at half-term!’ final weekend push. Oh the joys of report writing. Congratulations to those organised and disciplined enough to spread the workload; to the… Continue Reading →

That irrational response to discovering someone’s interrupted your photocopying…

Green Screens – Helping Bring Non-Chronological Reports to Life!

Our Y3s scripted and directed their own documentary after hitting a brick wall searching YouTube. We’re now teaching and inspiring children and staff around the world and receiving regular feedback from our global peers. The project began with with a… Continue Reading →

Newspaper Reports – The Stories Behind The HEADLINES

  Download ‘Headline Headaches’ to have your pupils use their imaginations to invent the story behind these headlines. My class loved the secrecy of hiding their stories behind each flap and used success in this lesson to help them create… Continue Reading →

DOGGERLAND – A Stone Age Bridge to Europe

It took me a while to pluck up the courage to click on the link signposted ‘Doggerland!’ Peeping from behind my cushion I was relieved to discover a perfectly legitimate – and very cool – concept to add another layer… Continue Reading →

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