We’re BACK! The Alphabet-Cam is the latest innovative spelling resource from the team behind ‘The Spelling-Cam'; a resource that allows you to learn – and master – the alphabet through photography, exploration and play.


Our built-in ‘ABC-Cam’ adds a letter overlay to your camera and works with your iOS device’s camera-roll, allowing you to stage your own alphabet treasure-hunt or simply explore all 26 letters of the alphabet in either upper or lower-case. How many things can you find beginning with D? Simply select the letter, watch it appear on your camera view and take a photo of that dinosaur! Then use our editing tools to add text or doodles to create an alphabet work-of-art. Save your favourites for later, or print them as posters or flashcards ready for bedroom or classroom walls – it really couldn’t be easier. Once you start creating, we know you’ll find it hard to stop – the possibilities are endless.


What’s an App without a mini-game? In the classroom, we’re passionate about doing things differently and our games follow the same trend. Prepare to be twitching on the edge of your seat in our two-player ‘Letter SNAP’ contest – have you got the nerve to outscore your opponent while learning your alphabet in this twist on the classic ‘Snap’ game? Then there’s ‘AlphaTest’ – an epic test of patience, learning and fine-motor-skills in a game that gets trickier as your alphabet skills improve. Finally, you’ve got our ever-present ‘Word Invaders’ – where you’ll take to space to shoot-down the alphabet in an attempt to claim all 52 stars.


Download ‘The Alphabet-Cam’ and start creating and learning alongside us. Join our learning community by ‘Liking’ our Facebook page, where you’ll have access to the latest news, competitions and updates, as well as having the chance to have your images featured for best-friend download codes and have a say in future developments: https://www.facebook.com/The-Spelling-Cam-955634334474510/

Whether you’re a TA tasked with a group or individual, a teacher nurturing a love-for-learning, or a parent/carer looking for something a bit different to motivate or engage your own children, ‘The Alphabet-Cam’ is picture-perfect.

Have fun :)

From The Butchers (M, C, F & J) x