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Not Everyone Leaving Teaching Is Cartwheeling Out Of The Job

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And so it ends. I’d planned on leaving teaching in a cowboy outfit; riding a horse that I was – one day – going to blag off Summer’s Mum. I’d trot through a guard-of-honour; I’d high-five the kids; tip my… Continue Reading →

Why ALL Teachers Should Play Pokemon GO!

Caught myself a Jigglypuff today. Held a Gym for three hours and collected enough Stardust to take my evolved Zubat through the 600CP threshold. Boom. Now – if you got all that – I applaud you. You’ve either embraced your… Continue Reading →

‘The Alphabet-Cam’…

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We’re BACK! The Alphabet-Cam is the latest innovative spelling resource from the team behind ‘The Spelling-Cam'; a resource that allows you to learn – and master – the alphabet through photography, exploration and play. Our built-in ‘ABC-Cam’ adds a letter… Continue Reading →

The Spelling-Cam…

Bring The Classroom Into Your Camera…

‘The Spelling-Cam’…

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Teach to the Hilt – with my inspirational wife – is proud to present our very own App, available to download for iOS devices in the AppStore. From our little boy’s homework, to blog-post, and then the AppStore; it’s a… Continue Reading →

How To Become a Planning Jedi Master…

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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house; not a creature was stirring…except the poor woman asking for Y3 Stone Age planning on my Facebook feed. On Christmas Eve! A cringe-worthy but sad reflection of how far people… Continue Reading →

Launching A School YouTube Channel

I’ve never been a slave to technology. Its always had to offer something exceptional to make it into my classroom – ‘Death By Flip-Chart/PowerPoint’ (the need to drive lessons electronically page-by-page) is something I run-a-mile from. You only need to… Continue Reading →

10 Unconventional Tips For New Teachers…

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  The exodus of newly-qualified teachers has tripled in the last six years (The Guardian, March 2015); many of whom choose never to even step foot in a classroom following their training. This statistic is more worrying considering the rise… Continue Reading →

Lost in Transition…

  A ‘Conga’ of kids line up outside my classroom door four times a day (start of school day, end of morning break, end of lunch & end of afternoon break). On this occasion, I beckon them in through the… Continue Reading →

Classroom Pics Are ‘GO!’

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