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‘Flippin Heck’ – A Quick-Fire Maths Vocabulary Game…

The language of Maths has always been such a huge barrier to learning for kids in my Maths groups. We’ve tried countless ways to build confidence around the 50+ different words for the the four main mathematical operations (add, subtract,… Continue Reading →

It’s All About The Take…

  I’ve seen the impact a YouTube music video can have on a group of kids – particularly a group lacking in confidence. Here, my incredible maths group share their ‘take’ on Meghan Trainor’s smash hit single ‘It’s all about… Continue Reading →

Problem Solving Perfection – The Water Prank!

I sometimes feel like my Maths group get a rough deal; like we’re running on this treadmill of learning outcomes. 43 objectives to master…in 36 weeks. My group find Maths so tricky; they lack confidence and struggle to make links… Continue Reading →

Dear Prime Minister…Fair Fractions?

We took the classic sweet fraction lesson to the hilt this week and it worked a treat! A mystery package and letter from the Prime Minister provided the stimulus for the session; an announcement that all 30 of them bought… Continue Reading →

Getting ‘Curried’ Away With Popular Takeaway Differentiation

How Hot Would You Like Your Learning? The night before this lesson, my wife made curry for tea. It was great, but I knew deep inside that I’d be having the remains of this lot for my school dinner the… Continue Reading →

Fractions Without Fear – My First ‘Viral’ YouTube Project

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