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‘The Alphabet-Cam’…

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We’re BACK! The Alphabet-Cam is the latest innovative spelling resource from the team behind ‘The Spelling-Cam'; a resource that allows you to learn – and master – the alphabet through photography, exploration and play. Our built-in ‘ABC-Cam’ adds a letter… Continue Reading →

Language of Writing As Alien To Our Kids As It Is To Actual Aliens!

We’re told to never start with an apology – I’m sorry. What can I say? I like to push boundaries and after all, weren’t rules – so many of them anyway – meant to be broken? I’m sorry to anyone… Continue Reading →

The Spelling-Cam…

Bring The Classroom Into Your Camera…

‘The Spelling-Cam’…

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Teach to the Hilt – with my inspirational wife – is proud to present our very own App, available to download for iOS devices in the AppStore. From our little boy’s homework, to blog-post, and then the AppStore; it’s a… Continue Reading →

Learn to spell ‘Tricky Words’/’Sight Words’ by taking them for a ‘Word Walk’…

Taking Our Spellings For A Walk For the last 18 months I’ve prided myself on being a Dad first and teacher second. Whether it be my work:life balance or allowing my son to explore learning at his own pace, I’m… Continue Reading →

Newspaper Reports – The Stories Behind The HEADLINES

  Download ‘Headline Headaches’ to have your pupils use their imaginations to invent the story behind these headlines. My class loved the secrecy of hiding their stories behind each flap and used success in this lesson to help them create… Continue Reading →

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