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Not Everyone Leaving Teaching Is Cartwheeling Out Of The Job

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And so it ends. I’d planned on leaving teaching in a cowboy outfit; riding a horse that I was – one day – going to blag off Summer’s Mum. I’d trot through a guard-of-honour; I’d high-five the kids; tip my… Continue Reading →

Why ALL Teachers Should Play Pokemon GO!

Caught myself a Jigglypuff today. Held a Gym for three hours and collected enough Stardust to take my evolved Zubat through the 600CP threshold. Boom. Now – if you got all that – I applaud you. You’ve either embraced your… Continue Reading →

‘The Alphabet-Cam’…

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We’re BACK! The Alphabet-Cam is the latest innovative spelling resource from the team behind ‘The Spelling-Cam'; a resource that allows you to learn – and master – the alphabet through photography, exploration and play. Our built-in ‘ABC-Cam’ adds a letter… Continue Reading →

Spray Your Way To Success…

I came across – and shared on my FB page – a version of the ‘Shhhhhhhhh – Quiet!’ spray some months ago. To this day, I’m still unsure whether it was created to be sprayed around a room or in… Continue Reading →

The Spelling-Cam…

Bring The Classroom Into Your Camera…

Jon Snow Gets Owned By His Teacher…

Cool On Summer Homework!

  We’re all passionate about the progress of our pupils and assessment for learning. But I won’t be joining the growing number of teachers sending work home to plug-the-gaps this Summer. Not that I’m knocking it – each to their… Continue Reading →

Can Reading at Home REALLY be Attributed to ‘Outstanding’ Progress?

‘3…It’s the Magic Number!’ You take a group of kids and give them the same teaching and learning diet. You add – where required – additional support and/or challenge for those in need of it. So what’s with the randomness… Continue Reading →

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