Let’s Do This…

Beneath the piles of marking/grading, and even after those extra evening of resourcing and planning, we still manage to find creative teaching ideas to give memorable experiences to those in our care. By networking and sharing my own classroom practice, I’m hoping that – together – we can find a way to pair outstanding teaching with free weekends; with time with our families and drinks with our friends. Be the teacher that your family-life dictates; not the person being a teacher forces you to be.

An eight-year-old at heart, I’m harnessing my immaturity to create and share teaching ideas, tips and resources to make our lives easier and much more fun. Whether through film and song, unconventional blog-posts or teaching memes, I’ll do my best to take a little of of the pressure and stress away. If I can make you giggle or smile along the way, then we’re half-way to winning.

Teachers like weekends too – take them; they’re yours!